Protein databases
BioGPS (expression level)
Genome3D (structures are annotated)
The HeLa Spatial Proteome (localisation, expression level)
The Human Protein Atlas (localisation, expression level)
Uniprot (primary sequence)
PhosphoSitePlus (post-translational modification)
Proteomics DB (human proteome)
PaxDB (protein abundance database)
Protein-protein interaction databases
3D structure databases
EMDataResource (EM maps)
PDB (3D structures and structure factors)
Disease-related database
OMIM (genetic disorder)
COSMIC (cancer)
Decipher (phenotypic and genotypic)
Primary structure analysis
Blastp (ortholog search)
jackhmmer (ortholog/paralog search [more sensitive than Blastp])
Secondary structure analysis
Tertiary structure analysis
BackPhyre (expert mode of Phyre. Good paralog search if structures are available)
Other useful web tools
Fluorescnce SpectraViewer (for fluorescent microscopy)
BoxShade server (to generate grey-scaled sequence alignments)
In-Silico PCR (for primer design)
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