Protein databases
BioGPS (expression level)
The HeLa Spatial Proteome (localisation, expression level)
The Human Protein Atlas (localisation, expression level)
Uniprot (primary sequence)
PhosphoSitePlus (post-translational modification)
Proteomics DB (human proteome)
PaxDB (protein abundance database)
Protein-protein interaction databases
3D structure databases
EMDataResource (EM maps)
PDB (3D structures and structure factors)
Disease-related database
COSMIC (cancer)
Decipher (phenotypic and genotypic)
OMIM (genetic disorder)
Primary structure analysis
Blastp (ortholog search)
jackhmmer (ortholog/paralog search [more sensitive than Blastp])
Secondary structure analysis
Tertiary structure analysis
BackPhyre (expert mode of Phyre. Good paralog search if structures are available)
Other useful web tools
BoxShade server (to generate grey-scaled sequence alignments)
Fluorescnce SpectraViewer (for fluorescent microscopy)
In-Silico PCR (for primer design)
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